Sooyoung And Yoon Park’s Upcoming MBC Drama “Please Send Me A Fan Letter” Releases First Script Reading Photos + Confirms Premiere Date

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MBC has unveiled the first script reading photos of their upcoming drama “Please Send Me A Fan Letter” featuring the whole cast.

Recently, MBC’s upcoming drama “Please Send Me A Fan Letter” unveiled the script reading photos confirming the premiere date in November.

“Please Send Me A Fan Letter” is an anti-fan romantic comedy between an actress who faces the biggest crisis in the entertainment industry and a man who has to protect his daughter’s sentiments as a fan by sending a fake fan letter. Director Jung Sang Hee, who co-directed “From Now On, Showtime!,” is expected to be in charge of directing and showcasing the work.

Above all, “Please Send Me A Fan Letter” was praised for portraying the world of show business sensibly and fresh at the MBC Drama Screenplay Contest last year and proudly won the Excellence Award. Therefore, it is no exaggeration to say that the script with interesting materials and solid production has already been recognized. On top of that, Sooyoung and Yoon Park, who have shown extraordinary presence in each work regardless of genre, have confirmed their appearance, and the healing romance chemistry between the two has already amplified viewers’ expectations.

Idol-actress Sooyoung plays Han Kang Hee, the top star who faced the biggest crisis in her career due to fan letters. Sooyoung, who has shown depth acting that doubles the character’s charm in various works such as movies and dramas, is expected to attract viewers with her perfect character synchronization this time as well. Attention is focused on Sooyoung’s irreplaceable charm, which she will show through top star Han Kang Hee’s character.

Yoon Park then plays Bang Jung Seok, a single father who raises his daughter suffering from leukemia alone. Jung Seok, who wants to grant his daughter’s wish, who is enduring painful chemotherapy in the drama, is a person who has a warm and positive personality in all. Yoon Park, who has shown his unique sincerity and three-dimensional character acting in each work, is expected to show off the charm of his “daughter’s daddy” father side without taking over the role of Bang Jung Seok.

Among them, the passion and chemistry of the actors as well as the production crew shone from the first meeting at the script reading site of “Please Send Me A Fan Letter.”Director Jung Sang Hee, writer Park Tae Yang, Sooyoung, Yoon Park, Shin Yeon Woo, Jung Jae Sung, Jung In Ji, Kang Da Hyun, Choi Ha Yoon, Han Jung Ho, Kim Sang Woo, Kim Mi Ryeo, Park Chan Yang, Bang Eun Hee, and child actors Jin Yoo Chan, Yoo Ji Wan, and Kim Kyu Na were all present. The solid acting skills added to the synergy of actors armed with basic, overflowing talents and various charms, signaling a more lively start of an atmosphere full of laughter and passion than ever before.

When the script reading began in earnest, the actors quickly immersed themselves in their roles and presented acting reminiscent of actual filming. Despite the first meeting, the characters were perfectly embodied, revealing each of their charms and presence.

In response, the production team said, “We think it was a particularly warm reading of the script because the actors’ teamwork was so good that we couldn’t believe it was the first meeting. We will do our best to melt this atmosphere into the work as it is. We think it can be a drama that can provide excitement and healing to many viewers at the same time. We ask for your anticipation and interest until the first broadcast.”

The drama is set to premiere on November 26.

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