Song Kang Ho To Make His First Drama Appearance In 32 Years

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Actor Song Kang Ho will make his small screen debut with his first drama series. In partnership with director Shin Yeon Sik, he has confirmed his appearance in “Uncle Samsik.”

Song Kang Ho, who has been active on the screen for the past 32 years, will appear in the new drama series “Uncle Samsik” and challenge the drama format for the first time. High attention is being paid to the news that he, who won the best actor award at the Cannes Film Festival for the first time in Korea this year, will meet with viewers on the small screen.

At a time when K-content is drawing keen attention not only from domestic but also from global viewers through various platforms, Song Kang Ho’s first choice of drama series is expected to be the core of this craze.

“Uncle Samsik” is a drama dealing with the hot desires and bromance of the two men, “Uncle Sam Sik” and “Kim San,” who survived the turbulent period in the early 1960s. Two fictional characters, Uncle Sam Sik and Cho Elite Kim San, who said, “We ate three meals a day even during the war,” showcases stories of love, faith, and doubt.

Above all, “Uncle Samsik” is significant in that Song Kang Ho once again joined hands with director Shin Yeon Sik, who worked with the movies “One Win” and “Cobweb” in a row. Director Shin even directed, wrote, and produced the first volleyball film in Korea, starring Song Kang Ho, and “Cobweb,” which is directed by Kim Ji Woon, also participates in the script and co-production.

The production company Slingshot Studio said, “Sam Sik, the main character of the 10-episode drama series ‘Uncle Samsik,’ is a person with a variety of narratives. It is expected that actor Song Kang Ho will breathe life into such a character. “We will produce well-produced works with high quality and show them to viewers.”

Meanwhile, “Uncle Samsik” is discussing the cast lineup.

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