Song Joong Ki To Star In Upcoming Movie Without Getting Paid

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Song Joong Ki is gaining lots of praise for what has recently been revealed.

On September 30, representatives of Song Joong Ki confirmed that he would star in “Hwaran” with “no guarantee.” This means he will not receive any payment for his role.

“Hwaran” is an upcoming noir film that tells the story of those who make dangerous choices to escape from hell-like reality, and drew attention when it was known that Song Joong Ki will be appearing in it. It will focus on a young man named Yeon Gyu (Hong Sa Bin), he wants to escape his hell-like reality. He meets a man named Chi Geon (Song Joong Ki), who’s in charge of middle management for an organization. Previously, it was also confirmed that Singer and actor BIBI  will make an appearance in the movie “Hwaran” joining actor 

The film will be produced by HISTORY D&C, which is also Song Joong Ki’s agency. Despite that, the agency confirmed their production participation is unrelated to the actor’s decision to not receive any money.

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