Song Joong Ki And Kim Ji Won Will Not Be Returning For “Arthdal Chronicles” Season Two, Why?

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Fans are upset after last night’s news, Song Joong Ki And Kim Ji Won are not returning to reprise their roles in “Arthdal Chronicles” Season Two.

Two months ago, the production company behind “Arthdal Chronicles 2” confirmed the drama is coming back with season two, at last!

Studio Dragon told news outlets that the drama is preparing to film this year. “Arthdal Chronicles 2” has reportedly received over 10 million dollars in investment thus far. The drama is set to air in 2023.

Jang Dong-gun, Song Joong-ki, Kim Ji-won, and Kim Ok-bin led the cast for the first season, at the time, it was not confirmed who was set to return but considering the cliffhanger the drama left us with, many assumed the cast will be returning for the second season.

Fans have been waiting for “Arthdal Chronicles” season two for 3 years now hoping the drama will carry on from when it last left off.

On April 20, it was reported that Lee Joon Gi and Shin Se Kyung were in talks to lead the upcoming drama, they were offered the lead roles that previously were played by Song Joong Ki And Kim Ji Won. This shocked fans because the majority had assumed the original cast will be coming back for season two. While Lee Joon Gi and Shin Se Kyung have already commented that the script was only one of the projects they’d received, fans knew things didn’t look too good when it was reported that they were offered the roles of Tanya and Eunseom.

Later the same day, it was confirmed that Song Joong Ki and Kim Ji Won will not be returning for the second season of the drama and will not be reprising their roles.

This is made even more shocking considering the fact that the leading cast was already aware the drama was getting made with seasons in mind. When the drama concluded back in 2019, a source from tvN told news outlets that “Arthdal Chronicles” was originally planned out as a drama with many seasons, and many had assumed the actors were also informed and aware of that when they took on the project.

The real reason behind why Song Joong Ki And Kim Ji Won will not be returning to “Arthdal Chronicles” Season Two is still unknown, some fans believe it might be due to the actors’ hectic schedules, after all, both are very famous actors who are constantly busy. The drama is set to film later this year.

Are you upset to find out that “Arthdal Chronicles” Season Two will not feature Song Joong Ki or Kim Ji Won?

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  1. I am very upset. Season 1 was so good! I really liked it! T-T Please just maybe wait a bit more for Kim Ji Won and Song Joong Ki? I’m a bit fine with Lee Joon Gi.. a bit. But Song Joong Ki was splendid in it. It’s so heart breaking! And please, don’t replace Kim Ji Won at all cost. If they really must, then for gods sake, someone better than Shin Se Kyung. Please it’ll be too plain and boring.

  2. The drama wouldn’t be that good without song joong ki. It would be really devastating. I am not going b to watch it anymore as song joong ki is not gonna be the protagonist. If they would to replace anyone, Elena Ahn should be replace as she cannot act. Her expressions are all the same.

    1. Most people are watching the video desperately because of the two lead actors. But if you decided to change the lead actors then the seasons 2 will have low viewers rating than the season 1, prepare for the consequence. It is not that maybe the protagonist in season 2 are not good in acting as well but we all want song jhong ki and Kim Ji won

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