Song Joong Ki Finally Addresses The Various Ridiculous Rumors Surrounding His Wife’s Past, Expresses His Frustration At How The Said Fake Rumors Spread

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Actor Song Joong Ki denied rumors related to his wife, Katie Louise Saunders.

In a recent pictorial interview, Song Joong Ki honestly answered rumors about his wife’s marriage and childbirth, including his feelings about marrying her.

Song Joong Ki, about his marriage, said, “It’s good. It’s nice but I have a very calm personality. It is true that I have new feelings, but on the other hand, it seems to be the same,” he said. “Having a family and having children was also my biggest goal in life. That’s why I’m very excited and full of emotions like good tension, but I try not to get excited. Such are these days.” 

Song Joong Ki said of his wife, Katie Louise Saunders, “If I had to explain what kind of person she is, she is such a good person that I could tell a lot of stories. Simply put, a friend who I can trust.”

He continued, “For example, there are things like thoughts or philosophies that I usually have, but she is a woman who once again convinces me that they are correct.” He added, “She’s a friend who tells me a lot that I’m like her.”

In particular, the actor also explained the rumors surrounding his wife. Earlier, as Song Joong Ki’s girlfriend was revealed to be Katie Louise Saunders, rumors spread that she had married in the past and had a child.

He said, “At first, it was nothing. It was a normal thing for us, and even if many people knew about it, our love wouldn’t change. Then, when the nonsensical stories increased, I honestly got angry. Except for the name of the university she attended, nothing is true.”

“I was getting angrier, but Katy said, ‘There is no need to be angry with these people’. I can’t talk much about it, but she’s that kind of person. She leads me in a positive direction and balances me out.”

Song Joong Ki recently left for Hungary to film “Ro Ki Wan”. He left the country with his wife and dog, and they are spending a romantic newlywed life by revealing a house reminiscent of a newlyweds’ home.


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  1. Take no notice what people say they need to all look at there own life first and good luck to you both and the saying is while there slagging you off there leaving someone else alone ❤️❤️❤️ lol just enjoy your life its too short to miss ❤️

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