Song Hye Kyo Shares Her Thoughts On Playing Moon Dong Eun In “The Glory,” Teases What To Come In Part 2

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Song Hye Kyo made it to the cover of the February issue of the fashion magazine ‘Elle.’ The pictorial focused on simultaneously capturing Song Hye Kyo’s everyday and fashionable mood like a Fendi ambassador.

After the photo shoot, an interview was held. Song Hye Kyo, who recently succeeded in showing a new face as an actress in the role of Moon Dong Eun in the Netflix original, “The Glory”, said, “Dong Eun had many three-dimensional situations in which she expressed emotions. She felt a sense of ecstasy as she felt emotions she had never experienced before. When she finished the difficult scene, she went into the dorm and lay down, she was so happy,” she said, revealing her satisfaction. “The Glory” Part 2 has more things coming out. She will have more fun,” she added, not forgetting to build anticipation.

Song Hye Kyo, who rarely monitored the work while filming in case she would act in a frame, said, “I’m satisfied because it looks like Moon Dong Eun,” and when asked how she wanted Dong Eun to look outwardly, “I wanted her to look exhausted and vulnerable. The person who decided to take revenge may gain weight, but I thought it would be more pleasant when the perpetrators were hit by a smaller-looking person who would feel ‘What’s so scary about her?’ I wasn’t going to change my clothes anymore, but since it’s a job to be a teacher in front of children, I should be neat and tidy,” she replied, showing a professional side. 

When asked what color the world Song Hye Kyo sees now, she said, “It’s white. “I finished my work well, I feel relieved, I’m resting, and I’m happy and comfortable without worrying about anything.”


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