Song Ha Yoon, Super Junior’s Donghae, Lee Min Jae And Jung Woo Yeon Confirmed To Lead Upcoming Drama

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Song Ha Yoon, Super Junior’s Donghae, Lee Min Jae, and Jung Woo Yeon have been confirmed to appear in the upcoming drama based on a popular animation film “Young Shim.”

The animated film ‘Young Shim’ will be reborn as a drama.

The new drama “Oh! Young Shim” is a drama based on the animation film “Young Shim.” Completing the unique casting lineup of Song Ha Yoon, Super Junior’s Donghae, Lee Min Jae, and Jung Woo Yeon raised expectations for the growth period of Young Shim and her friends who become adults.

“Oh! Young Shim” is a story of the romance between Oh Young Shim and Wang Kyung Tae, who bicker a lot with each other and are experiencing the sweetness and bitterness of life as they enter their 30s. In order to add a pleasant and warm atmosphere to the original work, the drama will be completed by adding analog sensibility,.

This work was directed by Oh Hwan Min and Kim Kyung Eun, who produced a number of works, including “Misty,” “Moments of Eighteen,” “My Country,” and Jeon Sun Young who wrote the adaptation of the movie “Golden Slumber” and “A deadbeat’s Meat,” and completed a warm and humane drama.

In the drama, Song Ha Yoon plays the role of Oh Young Shim in her 30s, who is a producer for 8 years in the entertainment bureau. Oh Young shim wanted to make people laugh like herself in the cartoon “Young Shim” drawn by her father when she was young, but she was always taken as an “icon of an early end” by people in the entertainment industry due to her excessive passion. In the midst of a crisis, she gets a chance to produce a pilot love entertainment show, and a sudden rollercoaster ride begins in her 30s when she finds out that the famous startup CEO who recruited her for the success of the program is Wang Kyung Tae.

Super Junior’s Donghae plays the role of Wang Kyung Tae (Mark Wang), CEO of the popular startup “Kingvely.” Wang Kyung ae was a small boy who followed Young Shim despite all kinds of criticism from Oh Young Shim as a child. One day, when he left Korea due to family immigration, he appeared as Mark Wang, the founder of unicorn startup “Kingvely,” 20 years later. Wang Kyung Tae, who grew up to be a crazy perfectionist with an indescribable cold impression, meets his first love, Oh Young Shim, by chance, recalling the painful memories of his childhood.

There are also new characters that were not in the original work. Lee Min Jae plays Lee Chae Dong, a junior producer under Oh Young Shim. Lee Chae Dong is a sunflower PD who takes care of Oh Young Shim from the side, just as young Wang Kyung Tae chased Oh Young shim. He, who silently protected Oh Young Shim during the rough life of the entertainment department with his honest and gentle personality, is jealous of the appearance of Wang Kyung Tae, who seems to have a past relationship with Young Shim.

Jung Woo Yeon takes the role of Gu Wol Sook, who appeared as Oh Young Shim’s cheeky best friend in the original work, giving the play a little more fun. Gu Wol Sook is a popular dating adviser YouTuber who currently runs the YouTube channel “Love in September.” Unlike her pretty and cool appearance, she secretly puts Oh Young shim in trouble behind her back since their school days, continuing a relationship that she does not know whether she is a friend or an enemy. It is expected to show if she really likes Wang Kyung Tae, who returned as a more handsome man after 20 years, or if she still can’t see Oh Young Shim doing well in the drama.

The production team said, “Song Ha Yoon, Super Junior’s Donghae, Lee Min Jae, and Jung Woo Yeon, who reunited over time, will showcase refreshing performance for the MZ generation who are enthusiastic about Newtro sensibility with their lovely romantic comedy, and if you grew up watching the animation ‘Young Shim,’ you can feel deep empathy and nostalgia for Young Shim’s current image. We ask for your interest and expectation for the drama.”

Meanwhile, the Newtro drama “Oh! Young Shim” is scheduled to be released in the first half of 2023.

Are you excited for this drama?

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