Actress Son Eun Seo Is In A Relationship With Jang Won Seok, CEO Of BA Entertainment

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Actress Son Eun Seo and CEO Jang Won Seok are in a relationship since last year.

Jang Won Seok is the CEO of BA Entertainment and a film producer.

A person close to both sides said, “It’s been about three years since the two of them have known each other. After supporting each other, they naturally got into a relationship from the second half of last year.”

Jang Won Seok is a star producer representing Chungmuro and has produced numerous hit films and dramas. In his late 20s, he led 10 million box office hits as the production manager of “The King and the Clown,” and later produced “Tunnel,” “The Crime City,” “The Villain,” “Tazza: One-Eyed Jack,” “Beasts Want to Catch a Straw,” “Intruder” and “The Vanished Time.”

Last year, “Crime City 2” succeeded in making 10 million at the box office, proving his title of ‘10 Million Producer’. Recently, he has produced Disney + “Big Bet”, targeting the global market.

Son Eun Seo made her debut in the entertainment industry as a CF model and appeared in the movies “High School Ghost Story 5”, “Changsu”, dramas “My Flower Daughter”, “May Queen”, “The Eccentric Daughter-in-Law” and “Voice” series, etc.

In Disney + “Big Bet”’, she played the role of Kim So Jeong, a hotel manager and she played an active role in the SBS drama “Payback”. She showed a new face by playing the role of Myung Se Hee, the wife of Hwang Gi Seok and the daughter of Chairman Myeong who hides her ambitions.

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