While Sharing Photos Of Her Wedding Day, Son Dam Bi Denys Rumors Of Discord Between Her And BFFs Gong Hyo Jin And Jung Ryeo Won

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Son Dam Bi has indirectly addressed the recent rumors surrounding her in new Instagram post.

On May 13, Son Dam Bi held her wedding to former national long track speed skater Lee Kyou Hyuk.

The couple confirmed they were dating back in December of 2021 and on January 25, Son Dam Bi took to her personal Instagram to announce the happy news. Later, the couple released their wedding pictorial and confirmed their wedding will be held on May 13.

Among the expected attendees were Gong Hyo Jin and Jung Ryeo Won, who are both known for being best friends with Son Dam Bi. However, netizens were shocked to learn that neither attended the wedding raising questions about why were Gong Hyo Jin And Jung Ryeo Won absent from Son Dam Bi’s wedding. Some began to speculate whether the famous friends’ group had cut ties with each other.

In the days that followed the wedding, the actresses’ agencies released multiple statements addressing the reports and rumors as it became a hot topic among netizens. According to her agency, Gong Hyo Jin couldn’t attend due to personal reasons. Jung Ryeo Won’s agency said the actress had a scheduling conflict on that day and thus couldn’t attend.

On May 15, Son Dam Bi took to her personal Instagram account to share photos from her wedding. She captioned with,

“Thank you to my loved ones who came to the wedding. It was such a happy day. I am saying this since there were many ridiculous rumors on this great day, none of these are even remotely true so please don’t misunderstand. I’ll live happily.”

Fans are surprised to hear that Son Dam Bi personally stepped up to deny the rumors.

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