Sol Kyung Gu In Talks For First Drama In 30 Years

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Actor Sol Kyung Gu and actress Kim Hee Ae are in talks for an upcoming political drama.

According to reports of Sports World recently, Sol Kyung Gu is considering appearing in the drama “Gust Of Wind.” “Gust Of Wind” is the return work of writer Park Kyung Soo and is a political drama surrounding the president’s return.

Sol Kyung Gu was offered the role of Park Dong Ho. Among the characters, Park Dong Ho is the Prime Minister of Korea and an acting President who is like a “Gust of Wind” that can shake the world. While he comes across hidden truths that he didn’t know, he takes an adamant resolution that shakes the whole country.

“Gust Of Wind” is the first return work in five years of screenwriter Park Kyung Soo. Park Kyung Soo is evaluated as the master of various genres through works such as “Punch,” “Empire of Gold” and more.

If Sol Kyung Gu confirms his appearance in “Gust Of Wind,” this will be his first drama. He made his debut in theatre in 1993 and will complete 30 years in the industry soon. He appeared in a drama with a support role in 1990, however, since then, he only appeared in movies beginning with the movie “A Petal” in 1996 and “The Tower,” “The Merciless,” “The Book Of Fish,” “Yaksha: Ruthless Operations,” and many more.

Furthermore, Kim Hee Ae was offered the role of Jung Su Jin, the government financial department director for “Gist Of Wind.” In this regard, Kim Hee Ae’s agency, YG Entertainment, said that Kim Hee Ae is positively considering her appearance in the drama “Gust Of Wind.”

The two actors have recently worked together and wrapped up filming for Director Heo Jin Ho’s new work “The Dinner”(tentative title) last month. “The Dinner” is a movie that revolves around the story that takes place when two brothers and their wives with different beliefs accidentally come to know a terrible secret, Sol Kyung Gu plays the older brother Jae Wan, and Kim Hee Ae stars as Yeon Kyung, the wife of his younger brother Jae Kyu (played by Jang Dong Gun). In addition, they also worked together in director Kim Yong Hwa’s space science fiction film ‘The Moon.

The first shooting of “Gust Of Wind” will begin later this year.

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