So Ji Sub’s New Movie “Confession” Ranks At The Top On The Box-Office For 4 Consecutive Days

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So Ji Sub’s new movie “Confession” continues to top the box office for the fourth day.

According to the integrated computer network of Korea Film Council on October 31 “Confession” maintained its position as the No. 1 at the box office on October 30, mobilizing 66,502 people on 1,093 screens nationwide. The cumulative number of viewers is 253,012.

“Confession” attracted 172,566 viewers over the weekend from October 28 to 30, ahead of the movie “Remember.” which was released on the same day.

“Remember” accumulated 47,815 people on 1,162 screens a day on October 30 and attracted 141,571 people for three days on weekends. The cumulative number of audiences is 239,350.

The third-place ranked “Black Adam” has 41,542 viewers on 860 screens, with a cumulative audience of 649,123.

“Confession” is a movie about promising businessman Yoo Min Ho (played by So Ji Sub), who was identified as the only suspect in the secret murder case, and Yang Shin Ae (played by Kim Yoon Jin), a lawyer with a 100% winning rate to prove his innocence, matching the hidden pieces of the case. Actors So Ji Sub, Kim Yoon Jin, Nana, and Choi Kwang Il appear in the movie.

“Remember” is the story of Pil Joo (played by Lee Sung Min), an Alzheimer’s patient who has been planning revenge for 60 years in search of a pro-Japanese group that killed all his family, and In Gyu (Nam Joo Hyuk), a best friend in his 20s who unintentionally got caught up in his revenge.

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  1. Can’t wait to see this film I’ve been waiting for it for so long it sounds very exciting can’t wait love my So Ji Sub his a very good actor such as dramas fighting I know he will give his hundred percent in this film wish him all the best congrats

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