So Ji Sub Is Determined To Reveal The Truth In New Teaser For “Doctor Lawyer”

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MBC has released a new intriguing teaser for their upcoming drama “Doctor Lawyer”!

Doctor Lawyer” tells the story of a genius medical surgeon named Han Yi Han who loses everything after an unknown manipulation to his surgery. He returns as a medical lawyer. It also tells the story of a prosecutor from the medical crimes department who loses their family and lover through that surgery.

So Ji Sub will play Han Yi Han, he is a genius surgeon who returned as a lawyer specializing in medical litigation. Because of an incident that happened four years ago, his medical license was revoked and that’s why he became a lawyer. He tries to find out the truth behind the reason for this mysterious incident. Shin Sung Rok will play Jayden Lee, he is he head of the Asian branch of Honors Hand, a company specializing in lobby and investment. He can control everything with his words and actions, he does whatever it takes to achieve success. He is a hidden character that is out of reach and is expected to be a key character in the drama. 

And finally, Im Soo Hyang will play the prosecutor Geum Seok Young of the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office’s Medical Crimes Department. She’s a firm believer that criminals are not rehabilitated through forgiveness and leniency but through harsh punishment. As for those who are innocent, she’s more than willing to declare their innocence than even their own lawyers.

The teaser begins with Han Yi Han who looks both furious and angry as he heads somewhere with a fire extinguisher in his hand, he yells at someone, “Are you afraid that I will reveal the truth?” But comes an eerie voice belonging to Goo Jin Ki (Lee Kyung Young) threatening him, “Do it, if you want to die without a trace.” We then see Han Yi Han getting beaten by his prison mates, raising curiosity about whether this is the aftermath of him trying to reveal the truth.

But this just makes Han Yi Han more determined to fight back and he returns as a medical lawyer, but that’s when he meets Jayden Lee, who emits a fatal and dangerous atmosphere and doesn’t seem to be affected by anything, making viewers curious about this mysterious character.

The next scene shows Geum Seok Young standing in court while looking at the scene and everyone with an expressionless face as if she is trying forcefully to suppress her real emotions, she states, “I am going to make sure that these killers masking as doctors get punished properly this time.” Raising questions about what had happened that made her so desperate, and who does she want to punish?  

You can watch the full teaser below:

“Doctor Lawyer” is set to premiere on June 3.

Are you excited to watch this drama?

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