So Ji Sub Explains Why He Recommends Marriage, Talks About His Happy Married Life And Wife, Weight Gain And More

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So Ji Sub has expressed his thoughts on his happy married life, the reason why he got married, and more at the interview for his upcoming movie “Confession.”

On the afternoon of October 19, an interview with So Ji Sub, the main actor in the movie “Confession,” was held at a cafe in Samcheong-dong, Seoul.

“Confession” depicts the story of Yoo Min Ho, a businessman who is the CEO of a promising IT company, was identified as the only suspect in the secret locked room murder case where his lover gets killed overnight, and Yang Shin Ae, a 100% winning rate lawyer, who is trying to prove his innocence. The Spanish crime film ‘The Invisible Guest’, which was released in 2017, was adapted and remade into a Korean version.

So Ji Sub will take on the role of Yoo Min Ho, the only suspect in the secret locked room murder case. So Ji Sub who gave life to characters with an overwhelming aura in each work challenges his first thriller genre in 28 years since his debut with the film “Confession.”

“Confession” finished filming in 2020 but due to the COVID-19 situation, has not been released for more than two years, and will finally be presented to the audience in October this year.

So Ji Sub expressed satisfaction with his performance in the film, saying,

“I saw the final version for the first time through the press preview yesterday. Fortunately, I think I’m satisfied as an actor since I think I can see an unfamiliar side of myself. It’s been a while since I’ve seen something different.”

Regarding the source of being able to do this job for such a long time, he said,

“These days, it’s because of my loved ones who trust me until the end, my loving family, and the staff who work with me. It is not possible without them. Acting is still fun.”

So Ji Sub, who was born in 1977, and is 46 years old this year, officially got married in April 2020 after registering his marriage to Cho Eun Jung, a presenter who is 17 years younger than him. The two did not have a separate wedding ceremony because of COVID-19 and immediately had their honeymoon after the wedding registration.

So Ji Sub shared about his happy married life, saying

I’m happy (after marriage). (My wife) is doing well, and the related questions to my married life are not burdensome. I didn’t know before, but after I got married, I actually felt stable. I think my insomnia is gone and I think I’m becoming more mature psychologically. I definitely recommend getting married.”

So Ji Sub revealed the reason why he got married, he confessed,

There were rumors of dating when I was filming ‘Confession,’ and I think I got married after that. I think my wife will come to the premiere of “Confession,” and I want to hear that the movie is interesting.”

In addition, So Ji Sub revealed that he gained weight after his marriage, sharing,

“In fact, I gained weight in the beginning (because I felt comfortable) after getting married. Because I was on a diet so my wife couldn’t eat with me and I felt sorry about this. So I started eating together at the beginning, which is the reason why I couldn’t control myself (dieting).”

Meanwhile, “Confession” will premiere on October 26.

Are you excited for his new movie?

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