SHINee’s Minho and Choi Soo Bin’s “The Fabulous” Announces New Release Date After Postponement Due To Itaewon’s Tragedy

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SHINee’s Minho and Choi Soo Bin depict young love in the fashion world in “The Fabulous”.

The Netflix Series, “The Fabulous” (Written by Kim Ji Hee and Lim Jin Seon, Directed by Kim Jung Hyun) is confirmed to release on December 23rd.

A special poster was released which captures the night view of Seoul and Choi Min Ho and Choi Soo Bin are captured on top of that. It foreshadows a fierce fashion industry story.

“The Fabulous” is a romance drama. It portrays the dreams, love and friendships of young people who have dedicated their lives to the fashion industry.

Minho plays the role of photographer Ji Min and Choi Soo Bin plays the role of a marketer, Pyo Eun. The two are ex-lovers and now, friends. As they reunite in the fashion world, their hearts start beating again.

An official said, “It is a hyper-realistic romance that would be fun to watch with a friend or lover on Christmas or at the end of the year. Please watch to see how the relationship between the two will develop.”


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