Shin Ye Eun’s Upcoming Historical Drama Releases Teaser Poster + Confirms Premiere Date

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SBS’s upcoming drama “Love Story of a Flower Scholar”, announces the beginning of a mysterious close-knit romance in the latest poster.

“Love Story of a Flower Scholar” is about the secrets of Yoon Dan Oh (Shin Ye Eun), the owner of the boarding house, Gaekju, that breaks all stereotypes. It is a refreshing and cheeky mystery close-knit romance created by 3 boarders, flower scholars, and 4 young people.

“Love Story of a Flower Scholar” is a drama adapted from a web novel of the same name that boasts a rating of 9.9. Popular young actors Shin Ye Eun, Ryeoun, Kang Hoon, Jung Geon Joo, etc., Writers Kwon Eum Mii and Kim Ja Hyun, who boast tight writing skills and imagination, and director Kim Jung Min work together. 

The teaser poster, which shows the mysterious atmosphere of “Love Story of a Flower Scholar” steals attention. The teaser poster gives a mysterious excitement while arousing curiosity about the unknown man with Shin Ye Eun.

In the poster, Shin Ye Eun is hugging a masked man wrapped in a veil with her teary face. She stands out with her neat visuals and mournful atmosphere. In particular, Shin Ye Eun’s changed visuals, who played the role of Park Yeon Jin, who commits school violence without guilt in her drama “The Glory”, draw attention. It draws a passionate two-shot of two people with secrets, raising expectations.

The text ‘You are the end of memories that I don’t have any trouble thinking about’ continues as if falling behind the two of them, raising curiosity about the memories that flew like petals between the two. Curiosity is amplifying who the masked man in Yoon Dan Oh’s arms is and what secrets are hidden by her and the masked man.

The production team said, “The teaser poster is a decisive cut that contains the aura of fresh and secret romance that matches the atmosphere of the drama Please look forward to it.”

“Love Story of a Flower Scholar” will premiere on March 20.


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