Shin Jae Ha To Return With Drama “Taxi Driver” Season 2 And “One Shot Scandal” After His Discharge From Military

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Shin Jae Ha, who returned after completing his military duty in May, unveiled his new profile following the news of a series of casting works from SBS drama “Taxi Driver” season 2 to tvN’s “One Shot Scandal,” drawing attention to his colorful performance that will be shown in earnest.

Shin Jae Ha, who shows mature visuals in the new profile picture released, draws attention for his warm charms. Showing his natural charm with a white shirt and a T-shirt, he has various appearances going back and forth between a soft expression and a refreshing smile. On top of that, he is wearing a black turtleneck with dark charismatic eyes, adding a chic mood.

Meanwhile, Shin Jae Ha is expected to fill the first half of 2023 with his work activities. Shin Jae Ha, who joined “Taxi Driver 2” as his first return drama after being discharged from the military, visits the small screen in the role of On Ha Joon, a new driver of the rainbow transportation who is innocent and makes everyone want to take care of him. He will then play Ji Dong Hee, the main director of the most popular instructor Choi Chi Yeol (will be played by Jung Kyung Ho), in the drama “One shot Scandal,” and will try to transform into a character different from “Taxi Driver 2.”

Attention is focused on what acting Shin Jae Ha, who is expected to show more works in the future with his steadily accumulated filmography and infinite charm, will perform in various activities.

Are you excited to see him in his upcoming dramas?

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