Shin Jae Ha Talks How His Friendship With Lee Jong Suk Came To Be

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Rookie actor Shin Jae Ha sat down for an interview to talk about his recent role as Jung Seung Won in the popular recently finished SBS hit drama “While You Were Asleep.”

The actor talked about feeling empty when “While You Were Asleep” aired its final episode, he said,

“The drama was pre-produced so it didn’t feel that it really ended until the final episode aired. Normally, when I film dramas, the final episode and filming align, so it always felt like it was the end. With this drama, it only felt like it ended after the finale aired and I felt even sadder than I did for my other dramas.

I felt empty.”

He also revealed that he wasn’t the only one who felt that way. After the finale has aired, he revealed that he hung out with his co-stars until 5 a.m. to catch up.

Shin Jae Ha and his co-stars Lee Jong Suk and Jung Hae In had even gone on a budding trip to Sapporo. He revealed that the entire cast was supposed to go but didn’t due to scheduling conflicts.

This isn’t Shin Jae Ha’s first time acting as Lee Jong Suk’s brother. As he has previously played the young counterpart of his older brother in the drama “Pinnochio.”

Shin Jae Ha revealed that he has Lee Jong Suk’s name in his phone saved as “My Older Brother.”

He also revealed that Lee Jong Suk is actually pretty shy in real life, he revealed that they both tried hard to get close together when filming for “While You Were Asleep.”

Shin Jae Ha also revealed that they usually get together to eat late night snack, watch movies and hang out at cafes.

How did the two become so close?

According to Shin Jae Ha, acting cute and trying to relieve Lee Jong Suk’s worries helped out, he said,

“He was always studying the script and looked like he was having a hard time. So I tried to lessen his worries by acting cute, making him happy and telling him stories. I guess he was thankful for that, then we naturally got closer.”

Why is Shin Jae Ha so adorable?

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