Shin Ha Kyun And Han Ji Min Talk About Working With Each Other Again On Their Upcoming Drama “Yonder” And More At Busan International Film Festival Open Talk

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The main cast of the upcoming drama “Yonder” shares about working on the drama, the drama’s concept, and more at the open talk at the BIFFXGENESIS.

On the afternoon of October 7, the open talk of the TVING original series “Yonder” was held at the BIFFXGENESIS outdoor stage of the Cinema Center in Haeundae-gu, Busan.

“Yonder” tells the story of a man who received a message from his deceased wife being invited to Yonder, an unknown space where he can meet her. Based on the novel “Goodbye, Yonder,” the drama is a work that reflects on life, death, and happiness through a man’s extreme pure love. It is a joint investment work between TVING and Paramount+ and was invited to the on-screen section of the Busan Film Festival this year.

Director Lee Joon Ik, who challenged his first OTT series with “Yonder,” made the following remarks about his upcoming drama, he said,

I didn’t know that Yonder would be invited to the Busan International Film Festival. It was a novel published 11 years ago, but I failed to write it in a movie scenario. I rewrote it again after filming ‘The Book of Fish.’ We hope that our thoughts on life and death will become clearer through this space called Yonder.”

In “Yonder,” Shin Ha Kyun plays Jae Hyun, who lives an empty life after his wife’s death, and Han Ji Min plays Jae Hyun’s wife who leads him to Yonder’s world. Through this work, Shin Ha Kyun and Han Ji Min have reunited after 20 years after the drama “Good Person.”

Shin Ha Kyun shared his thoughts on working with Han Ji Min again and on the progress in their relationship, saying,

Han Ji Min is still pretty and beautiful, but there are more conversations between us now. Before I didn’t know she talks so much.”

In response, Han Ji Min commented,

I think I rarely talked to Shin Ha Kyun before because everything was difficult since I was a rookie back then (at the time of ‘Good Person’), When I met Shin Ha Kyun again, we were not the same two people we were in the past, but I got to know him as a completely different person and enjoyed filming.”

In “Yonder,” Jung Jin Young plays the role of Dr. K, a brain scientist who approaches death as a science, and Lee Jung Eun plays the role of Sei Ren, raising the intensity of the drama.

Director Lee shows his confidence in the two actors by saying,

“Jung Jin Young is a kind of person who always holds out his hand to reach out whenever someone is in trouble. I hoped that Lee Jung Eun, a favorite actor of all audiences, would play the role of Sei.”

Jung Jin Young said

“I think Yonder is a tragic melodrama that wants to tell the story of overcoming even death. I think it would be good to follow the story of the person you love with emotion itself.”

Lee Jung Eun when asked if it is related to the message of the work, asked for attention to “Yonder,” saying, “Enjoy it fully now.”

Director Lee said, raising expectations for the drama,

“There is a line that says, ‘Beautiful memories are precious because they never come back.’ I hope that many people will remember ‘Yonder’.”

“Yonder” will be released sequentially through TVING from October 14.

Are you excited for this drama?

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