Shin Ha Kyun And Han Ji Min Talk About What Drew Them To Upcoming Drama “Yonder,” Reuniting With Each Other Again And More At The Press Conference

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The main cast of “Yonder” talked about their upcoming drama at the press conference!

Director Lee Joon Ik, Shin Ha Kyun, Han Ji Min, and Jung Jin Young attended the press conference of the OTT platform drama “Yonder,” which was broadcast live online on the afternoon of October 11, and talked about various things about the drama.

“Yonder” is a story that takes place when a man received a message from his deceased wife of an invitation to an unknown space called “Yonder” where he can meet her. Shin Ha Kyun plays Jae Hyun, a journalist from Science M who continues his empty life after his wife’s death, and Han Ji Min plays the role of Lee Hu, Jae Hyun’s wife, who faces a new life in “Yonder” after her death. Jae Hyun is invited to the world of his dead wife and after choosing the world after death, he will have the most special reunion in the world in “Yonder.”

When Director Lee Joon Ik was asked if “Yonder” is a melodrama, he said,

I didn’t think it was a human melodrama, but it was said that it is like a melodrama after I filmed it. I think it’s because of the chemistry between Shin Ha Kyun and Han Ji Min. When writing a scenario, I think it should be explained scientifically and logically as science fiction, but there are moments that go beyond that logic. I felt it was made by an actor. I learned it again this time.”

Regarding the reason for his appearance in the drama, Shin Ha Kyun said,

“I felt it has a different interpretation of death. I had a lot of trust in director Lee Joon Ik.”

To this, Han Ji Min also commented,

“It was interesting when I read the scenario of the drama.”

When asked how she felt about reuniting with Shin Ha Kyun after 20 years, she expressed her affection for her co-star, saying,

“I always wanted to work with him again.”

Director Lee Joon Ik expressed strong trust in the cast, saying that there was no alternative to casting someone other than the two. Director Lee explained why the cast lineup was perfect for the drama,

This time, the casting was all right. You can only reach the end of the story if you follow the male protagonist’s inner self deeply, and then it is difficult to follow without the male protagonist’s true feelings.
Tell me if you can think of anyone other than Shin Ha Kyun to express a sincere heart. There is no one that can. There is no scene where Shin Ha Kyun does not appear from the beginning to the end. Because the drama is based on the first-person perspective of Shin Ha Kyun. The reason why Shin Ha Kyun approaches the character Lee Hu is because of the honesty of Han Ji Min. People who have seen Han Ji Min up close know her. She is unconditionally honest and truthful. When a sincere person and an honest person meet, an ensemble comes out even if they don’t try hard for it. Everyone will sympathize with the last scene of ‘Yonder.’”

The drama also guarantees fun through the new outlook in the work. Director Lee explained,

“The script came out in 2011, and I was surprised by the outlook that was ahead of time and fell in love with the story. I tried to make it into a movie, but I failed to write it as a scenario suited for a movie. Since then, a new platform called OTT has come out, and I produced it since I thought I can express the drama in depth here.”

Han Ji Min also shared, stimulating curiosity about the outlook of the drama

“While there are works that clearly describe what kind of story it has, on the other hand, there are works that give me thoughts or lingering feelings. Everyone faces death. This is a work that will give life, death, and lingering feelings. It is very mysterious. I was curious about the world of ‘Yonder’ that director Lee Joon Ik will draw.”

“Yonder” will premiere for the first time on October 14.

Will you watch the premiere of “Yonder”?

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