Shim Eun Kyung To Reportedly Make A Comeback In Korean Drama After Three Years

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Actress Shim Eun Kyung will reportedly appear in a Korean drama after about three years.

According to SpotTV on February 10th, Shim Eun Kyung will have a special appearance in the Wavve original drama “Park Ha Kyung Travels”.

“Park Ha Kyung Travels” is a drama depicting the journey of Park Ha Kyung, who finds comfort and empathy by going on a one-day trip on Saturday, walking, eating, and meeting people.

After the movie “Samjin Group English TOEIC Class”, this is the first drama directed by Lee Jong Pil, and it is scheduled to consist of 8 episodes of 25 minutes each. Each episode is expected to lead viewers to fun in various genres such as drama, melodrama, humanity, comedy, and fantasy.

In “Park Ha Kyung’s Travels”, which will show a different story in every episode in an omnibus style, the actors who make special appearances in each episode will collaborate with Park Ha Kyung (Lee Na Young). Shim Eun Kyung is also expected to play an active role as the protagonist of one of the episodes.

Shim Eun Kyung moved to Japan after the 2020 drama “Money Game” and is active. She appeared in the films “Newspaper Reporter”, “Blue Hour”, “Camellia Garden”, and “Seven Secretaries”. She is currently starring in her fourth Japanese drama, “You Should Have Said It a Million Times”. Attention is focused on what kind of charm Shim Eun Kyung will show as her familiar face in a Korean drama for the first time in a while.

“Park Ha Kyung Travels” was filmed last October and is scheduled to be released within the year.


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