Actress Reveals She Retired From The Entertainment Industry After Married Actor Shamed Her For Not Sleeping With Him

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Actress Heo Yi Jae has exposed how dark the entertainment industry can get in a new video that has shocked the internet.

While many kdrama fans might not be aware of the name, actress Heo Yi Jae used to be a rising actress in the industry, she’s been in various projects but suddenly quit the entire industry in 2016 without an explanation.

On September 10, Heo Yi Jae sat down for an interview with former Crayon Pop member Way, the video was uploaded to her YouTube channel and in it, Heo Yi Jae exposes a married actor for allegedly shaming her for refusing to sleep with him.

Heo Yi Jae claims the trauma caused by this actor caused her to retire from the industry. She said,

“In this drama [name of it not mentioned], me and that person played partners. At first, he was nice to me, one day, he asked, ‘why don’t you contact me on your days off? But we meet everyday to film.

But that was when I was innocent, so I answered him, ‘but we’re meeting every day and we work 20 hours a day so we don’t have time to contact each other. After that, he didn’t say anything but had this look on his face that says, ‘is she pretending not to know, or does she actually not know?’”

Heo Yi Jae claims this was when things began to change for her, she said,

“He would call me ‘f*cking b*tch at the filming site every day.”

Heo Yi Jae also revealed he’s still a working actor who is doing well for himself. On day, when he couldn’t get in emotional in the scene at the filming set he yelled out ‘f*ck* but the director couldn’t reply back because it was their debut piece.

Heo Yi Jae added,

“The actor called the chief producer and told him he wasn’t swearing at the director but swearing at me because he was so stressed because of me. So the director told me to go to meeting room and talk it out with him.”

She says then, she heard something so shocking it became the reason she left the entertainment industry. Heo Yi Jae says the director pulled her aside and told her,

“What do you think could be the reason why he’s swearing at you whenever there is an emotional scene. So I said I didn’t know, the director told me, ‘he’s looking at you sexually but you didn’t. So I think he’s trying to force you by being scary.”

She says she couldn’t believe the director until the very end and when she went to the waiting room to talk it out with the actor, his voice was calm when he said,

“Yi Jae, do you know what people say after watching our drama? They say me and you don’t seem to be in a relationship. So I told him, I am sorry, I’ll try harder. Then he suddenly said, ‘do you know what we need to do to look like a real couple,’ he said to me, ‘we need to sleep together but you don’t want that do you?, so I said no.”

Heo Yi Jae says the actor became angrier and yelled at her while throwing things and called her names. Because of this, Heo Yi Jae reveals she’s suffered a mental breakdown and decided to quit the industry.

The video became trending news in South Korea and netizens began trying to uncover the name of the actor in question. As a result, Heo Yi Jae left a comment on the video asking netizens to stop the witch hunt, she said,

“I ask of you to refrain from the witch hunt, I didn’t make this video to throw shade or attach a specific person.”

She also thanked the netizens who showered her with encouraging comments.

Heo Yi Jae last project was in 2016.

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