Seohyun Asks Reporters To Stop Calling Her ‘Former Girls’ Generation Member’ And Call Her This Instead

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Seohyun talked about her loyalty to her group Girls’ Generation in a recent interview that made headlines everywhere.

She had successfully wrapped up her drama “Time” and sat down for an interview held at a café to talk about the drama, her group and much more.

She talked about being immersed in her character so much that she got sick for a week before it ended, she said,

“One time I kept listening to the OST for ‘Time’ and cried for about 2 hours. It was so sad and painful as well it felt as if it was my own story.”

She also talked about how she managed to recover from the drama after it ended, she said,

“When I saw my unnies for a get together was the time I got better. Its so fun when I meet them. They help me heal and they’re also extremely funny.”

She also talked about reporters and how she felt about her group despite focusing on promoting solo as an actress for now, she said,

“Girls’ Generation is forever. Please don’t write ‘Former Girls’ Generation Member’ or of ‘Girls’ Generation fame’ next to my name. I am ‘Current Girls’ Generation Member.’ I didn’t leave my group! I am not a former member!

We will definitely come together again as Girls’ Generation.”

She also revealed that she was preparing for her solo comeback as well.

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    1. Her contract w gg nvr expire lmao. Fake fan. If u r not a fan, then why did u care? LOL joke. Define a former member when SM official website, museum and Instagram posts and etc shows they are still in SNSD. Lol troll. You are the one w bs. No thank you.

    2. You are the bs one. She left SM not SNSD. Her contract did not expire w SNSD. You tried troll. She and SNSD stays winning. Bet u are a fake fan or a non fan thats why you dk such basic things hahaha.

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