Seo Ye Ji Designs A Fatal Revenge Plan In New Intriguing Teaser For Upcoming Drama “Eve”

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tvN has released a new interesting teaser for upcoming drama “Eve”!

Eve” is a melodrama that centers around the story of a chaebol’s 2-trillion-won (approximately $1.7 billion) divorce lawsuit that shocks the entire nation.

Seo Ye Ji is taking on the role of Lee Ra El, who was born between a genius father and a beautiful mother. After going through an unfortunate family affair, she becomes a woman with a fatal charm. She is the woman at the center of the divorce lawsuit. Park Byung Eun will star as the CEO of the No. 1 corporate group in the financial world Kang Yoon Kyum. He is a faithful man to his family and worked without a single scandal, but he fell in love with Lee Ra El after meeting her.

Lee Sang Yeob is taking on the role of Seo Eun Pyung, a human rights lawyer who gives up everything for love once he meets Lee Ra El. Yoo Sun plays Han So Ra, the only daughter of powerful politician Han Pan Ro who married into the LJ Group chaebol family. She’s beautiful and appears confident but is afraid of aging.

The third new teaser begins with Lee Ra El and Kang Yoon Kyum, the atmosphere is sensual as Yoon Kyum grabs Ra El’s hand, she carefully looks at him and says in a seductive voice, “You want me, like crazy,” making Yoon Kyum get overwhelmed as he falls more into her temptations. The next shot has the atmosphere changing as it shows Ra El glaring, her eyes filled with anger as she vows to take revenge on the people who destroyed her family and life.

We then see Han So Ra who seems to be losing her composer followed by Seo Eun Pyung who seem to be crying. The next scene shows someone getting hit by a car which leaves viewers in shock and wondering what had happened.

Above all, Ra El’s frighteningly cold gaze at the end of the video and Yoon Kyum who seem to be taken back by something raises tension and curiosity. In particular, the text revealing that it took 13 years to design the revenge plan leaves viewers curious about whether or not Ra El’s will be able to succeed in taking her revenge which she spent many years planning.

You can watch the full teaser below:

“Eve” is set to premiere on May 25.

Are you excited to watch this drama?

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