Seo Ji Hye Envisions A Sweet Embrace With Her Boss Yoon Kye Sang In New Poster For “Kiss Sixth Sense”

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Disney + has released a new romantic couple poster for their upcoming drama “Kiss Sixth Sense”!

“Kiss Sixth Sense” is a drama based on a popular web novel. It tells the story of a woman who has superpowers that grant her the ability to see the future when kissed.

Yoon Kye Sang plays Cha Min Hoo, he is the team leader of Planning Team 1 who is also known as the “god of advertising.” His senses are ten times more sensitive than those of ordinary people and as a result, he has a very cold personality and is harsh to anyone who approaches him. Seo Ji Hye will play Han Ye Sul, a woman who can see the future of the person she kisses.

After Ye Sul accidentally kisses her boss Min Hoo, she sees their future together in which they, to her surprise, are together in bed. The newly released poster gives us a glimpse of Ye Sul’s vision.

Min Hoo, who was able to dominate the advertising world because of his super-sensitive five senses, has a very harsh personality due to his heightened senses which make him unable to be comfortable around someone. Furthermore, the person who is always subjected to his behavior is Ye Sul. The woman whose main stress comes from her boss Min Hoo.

Yet in their future, they seem to be happy as they lie down side by side embracing each other. Although Ye Sul is super close to Min Hoo, his senses are calmed down, he seems to be comfortable next to her. In addition, his smile is full of love and joy, which raises curiosity about this couple. How will their romance begin? and will Ye Sul’s vision actually come to life?

“Kiss Sixth Sense” is set to premiere on May 25.

Are you excited to watch this drama?

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