Seo Hyun Jin Deeply Worries Fans After Recent Photos Show Her Extremely Thin Figure

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Seo Hyun Jin is currently preparing to greet fans with her upcoming drama “Why Her,” and her recent photos released by her agency has deeply worried fans.

On May 31, Seo Hyun Jin’s agency Management Soop posted new photos of the actress. She’s taken photos on the day she went to appear on SBS’s PowerFM. Fans noticed she looked extremely thinner than they remembered.

Fans became worried about her seeing the photos which show her entire figure and face almost unrecognizable due to how thinner she’s gotten. Fans recall the actress has a round face but that has changed.

Fans left comments on the photos expressing their worry, they wrote, ‘Unnie, you look so thin here. We love you regardless of your body size. It’s okay as long as you are healthy. please take care of your health, unnie. We love you so much,’ ‘so thin😢 Stay healthy,’ ‘She’s looking so strange because of extreme diet,’ ‘stay healthy unnie,’ ‘She looks too thin, she must take more care of her health that she does not work too much and rest,’ and more.

“Why Her?” will mark Seo Hyun Jin’s first comeback in a year. It will air its first episode on June 3.

What do you think of Seo Hyun Jin’s new look?

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