Seo In Guk Considering Offer To Come Back With A New Drama

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Actor Seo In Guk has been offered to take on the lead role of the upcoming tvN drama “100 Million Stars from the Sky.”

On January 22, many media outlets reported that the actor has been considering coming back with “100 Million Stars from the Sky,” his agency BS Company confirmed the news but stated that he’s only currently considering the offer.

If he accepts the role, it will be his comeback to the small screen two years after the hit 2016 romance drama “shopping King Louie.”

“100 Million Stars from the Sky” is based of the Japanese drama of the same title that aired on FujiTV in 2002 about two-star-crossed lovers with a shocking ending. It featured many well-known faces such as Kimura Takuya, Fukatsu Eri, Akashiya Sanma, and Shibasaki Kou.

“100 Million Stars from the Sky” will be directed by PD Yoo Jae Won who previous works include “Oh My Ghostess” and “Tomorrow With You.”

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My Thoughts

What kind of shocking ending? *googles the drama ending*

I can’t wait to see oppa back with a new drama, he is a great actor. I hope that Koreans welcome him back with open arms. It would be interesting to see such a drama. Besides, the drama director is gooood~

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