“Scarlet Heart Ryeo” Former Co-Star IU And Kang Ha Na Post Photos Of Their Hangout

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The friendship between the once enemies in Scarlet Heart Ryeo isn’t dying down any time soon. 

Scarlet Heart: Ryeo co-stars IU and Kang Han Na shared photos of their late night hang out together.

On May 7, actress Kang Han Na uploaded to her personal Instagram photos from a late night hangout session with IU.

The caption on the first picture refers to IU by a cute nickname and says the singer is, “Excited to go out for the first time in a while!”

The caption for the following photo reads, “But I hear she has a fan sign event tomorrow…” as IU bites into a slice of pizza.

Despite the fact that they played enemies in the drama Scarlet Heart Ryeo their friendship is easily noticeable.

Kang Ha Na always shared photos of her and IU on the set and out and about, it seems like they truly share a heartwarming connection.

It is nice to see IU going out and having fun midst the busy promotions for her new album “Palette”

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