SBS News Omits “And ladies” From Michelle Yeoh’s Acceptance Speech, Explanation Given Garners Immense Backlash

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SBS has been heavily criticized for omitting the “And ladies” from the acceptance speech of Michelle Yeoh, who made history by becoming the first Asian actress to win the Oscar for best actress.

While Malaysian Hong Kong actress Michelle Yeoh set a feat by winning the Oscar for Best Actress, SBS was criticized for deleting the word “And ladies” from her acceptance speech during the news coverage. In the wake of the controversy, SBS explained, “There was no intention of distortion.

Michelle Yeoh won the Best Actress Award for the film “Everything Everywhere All At Once” at the 95th Academy Awards held at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles on March 12. The science fiction comedy movie “Everything Everywhere All At Once” depicts the story of Evelyn (Michelle Yeoh), an immigrant who came to the United States dreaming of the American dream, after learning about the existence of a multiverse.

On this day, Michelle Yeoh won the Best Actress trophy and said,

For all the little boys and girls who like me watching tonight, this is a bacon of hope and possibilities. This is proof that… dream big, and dreams do come true. And ladies, don’t let anybody tell you you are ever past your prime. Never give up.”

SBS, however, arbitrarily edited and broadcasted the edited acceptance speech. On “SBS Eight O’Clock News,” which aired on March 13 (Korea Standard Time), Michelle Yeoh’s acceptance speech was broadcasted, where the part “And ladies” was not included in the subtitles. On the other hand, other broadcasters did not exclude the part and reported her speech as it is.

When this came to light, SBS was criticized after comments such as “SBS distorted what Michelle Yeoh was trying to say,” “Why did you edit what Michelle Yeoh pointed out?” and “Please report her acceptance speech as it is.”

In the wake of the controversy, SBS deleted the video on YouTube on March 14 and released a new video including the expression “And ladies.”

SBS explained, “We deleted the word so that women don’t believe the word ‘that their prime has passed’ because we thought this line wasn’t just for women. We had no intention of distorting it with intent. We have revised all the digital content because the word ‘And ladies’ has meaning. We will be more careful to deliver the interview’s message accurately in the future.”

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