Actress Ryu Hwa Young Signs Contract With A New Agency

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Actress Ryu Hwa Young has signed an exclusive contract with Lean Branding, predicting a leap forward as an actress. 

On March 10th, Lean Branding said, “We have signed an exclusive contract with Ryu Hwa Young, who has infinite possibilities and potential as an actor. We will fully support Ryu Hwa Young so that she can take a leap forward as an actress and be active in various fields.” 

Ryu Hwa Young debuted as an actress through the drama “Mom’s Choice” in 2014, and has since appeared in “Ok”, “Ex-Girlfriend Club”, “Come Back Mister”, “Age of Youth”, “Father is Strange”, “Traces of the Hand”, “Mad Dog”, “Beauty Inside”, “Love Scene Number”, “Today’s Love”, etc. In particular, in 2017, she won the KBS Female Newcomer Award and she has been steadily growing as a talented actress.

Lean Branding includes broadcasters and actors such as Kim Bin Woo, Lee Ha Jeong, Seo Hyun Jin, Ban So Young, and Lee Eun Yul, as well as singers such as Hwang Woo Rim, Lim Seo Won, Lee So Won, and Kim Ji Yul, who rose to stardom through “Mistrot 2”. 


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