Ryu Deok Hwan and Lee Elijah Join INFINITE’s L And Go Ara Upcoming Legal Drama

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The upcoming JTBC legal drama “Miss Hammurabi” added two more very talented actors to its cast.

The upcoming JTBC drama is a realistic court drama that is set to focus on the lives of three judges with three different personalities. Park Cha Oh Reum (Go Ara) is the ideal passionate judge, while Im Ba Reun (INFINITE L) is the ‘play by the book’ judge, and Han Sae Sang the realistic head judge.

The drama is taking a different approach to the average court room drama, instead of focusing on huge scandalous cases, the drama will focus on smaller relatable realistic cases.

The writer of the original novel that the drama is based on will also be writing the drama, Judge Moon Yoo Suk is going to write the drama script, using his first-hand experience, he will help give the drama the realistic touch it needs.

The drama will be directed by director Kwak Jung Hwan, who’s works include “Slave Hunters,” “The Fugitive Plan B,” and “The K2.”

Ryu Deok Hwan is taking on the role of Jung Bo Wang, this is the actor’s first role after returning from the military. His character is known as antenna of the judge community because of his many friendships and connections, he’s also been a friend of INFINITE’s L character since middle school.

Lee Elijah is taking on the role of Lee Do Yeon, a cold judge who keeps her private life hidden well, she works hard non-stop and flawlessly.

“Miss Hammurabi” will be 100% pre-produced, the first episode is set to air some time in May.

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