“Ruler Master Of The Mask” Records Lower Ratings, “Suspicious Partner” Doing Better

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“Ruler Master Of The Mask” is doing well but got lower ratings ahead of its finale.

“Ruler Master Of The Mask” final episodes are set to air today and many fans have tuned in yesterday to see the episodes ahead of the finale.

According to Nielsen Korea, the drama rated 13.2% and 14.5%, this is actually 0.4% more and 0.4% lower than its last week episode.

Again, “Ruler Master Of The Mask” is the only drama with a double digit.

“Suspicious Partner” is at second place again, and rated 7.2% and 9.2% for its 27th and 38th episode.

KBS 2TV drama “Queen for 7 Days” rated 4.3%.

This mark the last week for both “Suspicious Partner” and “Ruler Master Of The Mask” and fans are sad to let go of two amazing dramas that entertained them throughout the summer.

“Reunited Worlds” will take on the timeslot previously occupied by “Suspicious Partner” starring Yeo Jin Goo.

While “Man Who Dies To Live” will take over “Ruler Master Of The Mask” timeslot, although it will be a shorter drama with only 24 episodes (each 35 minutes) or 12 one hour episodes.

Are you sad that both “Ruler Master Of The Mask” and “Suspicious Partner” are ending this week?

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  1. It is not that lower. Ruler master of the mask has a higher ratings compared to suspicious partner. The two dramas are both great and worth wartching and I love them both but I don’t think that ruler has records of lower ratings even in the previous episodes they remain higher than other dramas. And you said that ruler is the only drama with two digit

    This is my only opinion. Don’t make it a big issue

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