Rising Korean Actor Confirmed To Serve 1 Year And 6 Months In Prison For Drunk Driving

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Rising Korean actor Son Seung Won (famous for his role in ‘Welcome to Waikiki’) is going to serve a long time in prison for his drunk driving.

Son Seung Won had previously caused an accident while driving intoxicated without a license on December 26, 2018. The court sentenced him to one year and sixth months in prison, the Seoul District Court ruled to uphold the sentence earlier this month, if an appeal was not filed in seven days, the sentence would be confirmed.

When he first received his sentence in his first trial, he appealed and submitted 10 letters of apology, he asked for leniency mentioning his panic disorder. This time, no appeal was filed meaning the sentence was confirmed.

As a result of the confirmed sentence, Son Seung Won won’t serve the military, according to Military service law; an individual is disqualified from serving the military if he received a sentence of one and a half year in prison or more.

According to police he had drove under the influence four times. On December 26 2018, he was caught driving under the influence in his father’s car. He crashed into another vehicle and fled the scene; he was later caught by police. He had been driving without a license because his license was already cancelled back on November 18 due to driving while intoxicated on August 3, 2018, he crashed into a taxi.

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My Personal Thoughts

its difficult for me to say that I feel sorry for him….

I take DUIs seriously since innocent people could be harmed due to one’s negligence. If he had done it one time and repented, then I would have understood because we all make mistakes and he might’ve not been aware of his actions if he was heavily drunk. However, four times is too many times, he’s so lucky he didn’t kill anybody. One time should’ve been enough indicator for him to realize he had issues, there are so many ways he can drink safely and not harm anybody in the process, he’s a grown man who should be able to control himself if he needs to.

This sentence should wake him up and make him realize he has issues that he needs to take care of; it’ll be a good wakeup call for him to clean up his act.

Thank goodness no one died or was seriously injured because of him.

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