Seo Ji Hye, Hong Soo Hyun And Lee Sang Woo’s “Red Balloon” Confirms Premiere Date + Releases New Posters

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“Red Balloon” released posters foreshadowing the intertwined fates of Seo Ji Hye, Hong Soo Hyun and Lee Sang Woo.

TV Chosun’s upcoming mini-series, “Red Balloon,” tells the thrilling story of relative deprivation that we all suffer from, the thirst for the desire that hurt our stomach, and our struggles to soothe that thirst.

Seo Ji Hye plays Jo Eun Gang, who dreams of becoming a teacher but fails to achieve it and starts working as an extra-curricular tutor. Lee Sang Woo is the husband of Han Bada(Hong Soo Hyun) and a dermatologist.

On December 5th, “Red Balloon” released a ‘two-person poster’ with Seo Ji Hye and Hong Soo Hyun and a ‘three-person poster’ with Seo Ji Hye, Hong Soo Hyun and Lee Sang Woo.

In the ‘Two-person poster’, Seo Ji Hye and Hong Soo Hyun as Jo Eun Gang and Han Bada, wear the same white colour dress and cast a completely different atmosphere to each other. Jo Eun Gang looks like she is holding back Han Bada from going. Unlike Bada with soft expressions, Eun Gang has cold expressions. The phrase, “I thought she was a friend… So I didn’t have the heart to take it away” leaves a deep afterimage of Jo Eun Gang’s psychology as her hidden desire awakens.

The ‘Three-person poster’ shows the relationship between Jo Eun Gang, Han Bada and Ko Ji Won at a glance. Jo Eun Gang creates a strange tension by staring with her eyes full of burning desire.

Han Bada shows her happiness by hugging her best friend, Jo Eun Gang with a pure and bright smile. Ko Ji Won is embracing Han Bada and behind her, Jo Eun Gang emits an unknown look by hugging one shoulder of Han Bada.

Attention is on what these three people’s desires could be and what direction will their fates go.

“Red Balloon” will be broadcasted every Saturday at 9:10 pm, starting December 17th.   


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