“Reborn Rich” Illegally Uploaded On China’s Popular OTT Platform IQIYI

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The drama “Reborn Rich” has been illegally uploaded on China’s popular OTT platform IQIYI.

On January 5, an official from the production company SLL said, “The uploaded video is not a complete video, but an illegal video edited and uploaded by an individual. We have informed IQIYI about this, and the illegal video has been deleted and we agreed to take prompt action against any illegal upload of such videos later.”

“Reborn Rich” is a fantasy drama in which a secretary who manages the owner risk of a chaebol family returns as the youngest son of the chaebol family and lives his second life, starring Song Joong Ki.

“Reborn Rich” was aired in 16 episodes from November 18 to December 25 last year. In the last episode, it ended with a viewer rating of 26.9% (based on Nielsen Korea).

Since 2017, China has banned the inflow of content such as Korean dramas and games by implementing the “Korean Wave ban” in China.

Amid this situation, IQIYI launched a streaming service for the drama “Something In The Rain” in April last year and released “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” last month. In addition, popular domestic dramas such as dramas “Hospital Playlist” and “Twenty-five Twenty-one” have appeared on China’s OTT.

On top of that, the news that “Reborn Rich” was uploaded on OTT in China raised expectations for the lifting of “the ban of Korean wave (Hallyu) in China,” but now they confirmed that it was an illegal upload.

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