“Reborn Rich” Main Cast Explains What Makes The Drama Special, Working With Each Other, The Unusual Airing Schedule And More

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Ahead of the premiere of the highly anticipated drama “Reborn Rich,” the cast attended a press conference and explained the theme of the drama, and the new arrangement of airing the drama three times a week, more at the press conference.

The press conference of JTBC’s new Friday-Saturday-Sunday drama “Reborn Rich” was held at the Grand Ballroom on the first basement floor of Fairmont Ambassador in Yeouido, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul where actors Song Joong Ki, Lee Sung Min, Shin Hyun Bin and director of the drama gathered to talk about the drama.

“Reborn Rich” is based on the hit web novel and tells the story of a man [Song Joong Ki] who was killed after being framed for embezzlement by a chaebol family, a family he’s served for over 10 years. He gets reborn as the youngest son of the chaebol family [Sunyang Group] and plans revenge by gradually taking over their empire.

From the 1980s to the 2000s, meticulous mysteries, conspiracies, unimaginable succession fights, and character plays against the backdrop of turbulent times show the birth of a different level of regression storyline.

Regarding the theme of “Regression,” director Jung Dae Yoon said,

“The original work itself was very interesting. Also, when acquaintances gather together, they often talk about what they would have done if they went back to the past. I thought it was a material that people could see with interest.”

Director Jung was also concerned that the title of “Reborn Rich”(The Youngest Son of a Conglomerate House~ Korean Title) which is different from the original work, would make viewers have a false prejudice about the work. He said,

“When I hear the title, I think there are many people who would think that this is like a romance or a messy drama of the second generation of chaebol. It is not at all like that. Our drama is about a man who suffered an unfair death and returns to the past and digs into the truth about his death. The production team made it possible for men and women of all ages to enjoy this drama, so I hope the whole family will enjoy it together.”

Recently, works based on the theme of “Regression” such as the drama “Again My Life” are frequently coming out. As a result, it emerged a question of whether there would be a difference between “Reborn Rich” from other works or not.

Director Jung said,

“I know that ‘regression’ has only recently become a mainstream story theme. If other works with this theme are shown as having a personal history and personal stories, our work has included many big modern and contemporary events in the story of the drama since the 80s. I think our work is unique in that we can see the actual events of the times organically with the work.”

Actor Lee Sung Min plays Jin Yang Chul, the head of Sunyang Group, and rules as an emperor, giving off an overwhelming aura. Jin Yang Chul, who rose to number one in the business world after his poor childhood, gets ready for the final match with endless longing for money and relentless coldness.

Lee Sung Min praised his collaboration with Song Joong Ki. Expressing his deep affection for his junior Song Joong Ki, he said,

“I was happy to work with Song Joong Ki on the filming site. Even though he was a junior and younger brother, I was able to lean on him and he was a solid friend that I could rely on.”

Shin Hyun Bin plays the role of Seo Min Young, an anti-corruption investigation prosecutor from a prestigious legal family. She is a persistent competitor who goes back and forth between the boundaries of evasion of the law and illegality in order to bring justice, and has the nickname “the Grim Reaper of Sunyang land.”

Shin Hyun Bin has made a clear impression on the public by showing different charms in each work, including “Hospital Playlist,” “Reflection of You,” and “Monstrous.” Attention is focused on what kind of image she will show in this work. In line with expectations, Shin Hyun Bin also prepared with a clear determination for “Reborn Rich.”

She explained,

“The character Seo Min Young has to continue to show the present and the past side of herself, and she has to express the situation from the age of 20 to the near 40s. Because of this, it was both difficult and interesting. I paid attention to each point, and I tried to express externally and through acting, how Seo Min Young grew and changed at that time.”

On the other hand, “Reborn Rich” drew attention by deciding on an unprecedented arrangement of airing the drama three times a week on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. How do director Jung and the actors see the arrangement of the airing of the drama three times a week?

First of all, director Jung said,

“Honestly, I thought it was too much because it was an unconventional arrangement at first. After coming to think of it, OTT also releases all episodes. Therefore, I thought it might be a trend that viewers might want to see a lot these days. It’s not easy to take time to watch Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, but we did our best to make it, so I hope you watch it well, thinking it’s rather beneficial to watch it three times a week.”

Song Joong Ki commented,

“It was fresh and surprising, but it didn’t mean much. Since our industry is making many changes at a very fast pace, I thought the change in the airing schedule was not a big surprise. I thought professional broadcasting station officials would have thought more deeply than us and decided. Personally, I thought a lot of advertisements must have been sold. I hope you make a lot of money on JTBC.”

Lee Sung Min added,

“The public’s taste in content seems to have changed a lot these days. A number of episodes were released at the same time, and there are some people who deliberately wait until the completion of the drama to watch it. Therefore, I don’t think it means much for the drama to air three times a week, but I think it’s a new change for JTBC.”

Shin Hyun Bin said,

“There are various ways in which episodes are released on OTT and we thought since it’s a drama one can watch on OTT, it would be more enjoyable for those who watch dramas on TV or three episodes releasing a week. Also, it will be an interesting attempt for those who watch our work on TV because there will be a diverse audience for our work.”

“Reborn Rich” premiered at 10:30 p.m. on November 18.

Will you watch the drama?

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