The Real Reason Why Kim Ji Won Doesn’t Use Social Media Often Revealed

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Actress Kim Ji Won sat down for an interview and a pictorial with Cosmopolitan Magazine, the actress talked about her upcoming film and the real reasons why she’s rarely active on social media.

The actress is taking on his first-ever role in a historical period film this year, she is starring the upcoming movie “Detective K: Secret of the Living Dead,” she plays the role of a mysterious woman with super natural powers.

After concluding “Fight My Way” last year, Kim Ji Won said she’d like to try historical dramas next.

She explained why she wanted to take on historical dramas,

“I like historical period dramas because they have many metaphors and poetic expressions that are hard to find in modern day dramas. They also have lots of emotions that you can only express in that time period.”

About her upcoming film she said,

“’ Detective K: Secret of the Living Dead’ is a historical period film but also have fun elements that you find in modern day films, I was able to enjoy the variety of experiences during filming.”

Kim Ji Won shared her gratitude to her co-stars who helped her get over how nervousness on set, she said,

“It doesn’t matter what production I join, I get nervous, people around me call me ‘worry doll,’ this also happened to me with this production, but since I was working with senior actors Oh Dal Soo and Kim Myung Min, I could worry less.”

About her social media account, she revealed that she rarely uses it, she said,

“I am the type of person who likes separating my personal life from my work. when I appear on a drama, I like to focus on my character only. I appreciate it when people concentrate on the character I play instead of me.”

The actress also explained that she likes it when people call her by one of her character names instead of her actual name.

“Detective K: Secret of the Living Dead” is set to premiere on February 8.

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