The Real Age Difference Between Suspicious Partner Co-stars Will Shock You

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Suspicious Partner is a drama that has captured fans hearts with its amazing storyline and cast’s chemistry.

Many people are loving Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun together. But we bet you didn’t know the real age differences between the co-stars.

Many think that the co-stars age gaps are little, but we’re here to prove you wrong, so lets talk about the age gaps between the leading men and ladies of this lovely drama.

Nam Ji Hyun And Ji Chang Wook

Nam Ji Hyun was born in September 17, 1995.

Ji Chang Wook was born in July 5, 1987

Meaning one of our favorite couples of 2017 have 8 years gap between them.

Who can believe so? You can be easily tricked into thinking that those two are almost the same age.

Ji Chang Wook and Choi Tae Joon

Two of our favorit bromance couples of 2017 happen to be Ji Chang Wook and Choi Tae Joon, but their real age difference will also surprise you.

Ji Chang Wook was born in July 5, 1987.

While Choi Tae Joon was born in July 7, 1991.

Meaning the two lovely stars birthday celebrations are only 2 days apart but also have 4 years age gap, Tae Joon being the younger here.

Ji Chang Wook and Nara

The ex-hot couple of the drama also had very good chemistry, in fact Nara despite having an obnoxious character to play has pretty good chemistry with the cast overall.

Ji Chang Wook was born in July 5, 1987.

Nara was born in March 13, 1991.

Which means the lovely hallyu star has a 4 years age gap to separate him from Nara.

Nara and Choi Tae Joon

Choi Tae Joon cheated on his long time friend with his other best friend Nara’s character because of jealousy.

But the two stars have 0 year age gap, they’re only a couple of months apart.

Nara is the noona here, she was born in March, while Tae Joon was born in July, she is four months older than him.

Who would’ve thought that the other couple of the drama were the same age?

Choi Tae Joon and Nam Ji Hyun

Choi Tae Joon is Nam Ji Hyun oppa, while they don’t have a love triangle going on between them, Choi Tae Joon remains a faithful friend to Nam Ji Hyun’s character.

He is 4 years older than her, but they’re both 90s liners and their chemistry is still off the roof as well.

Nam Ji Hyun and Chansung

Though the two lived a short romance period, in the drama they did date for some time before breaking up with each other.

Chansung was born in February 11, 1990

This makes him Nam Ji Hyun oppa, and he’s well over five years older than her.

Kim Ye Won and Chansung

This is an age gap you’d probably have a hard time believing.

Kim Ye Won was born in December 11, 1987

This makes her more than two years older than her lover played by Changsung in the drama.

Who would’ve thought that Kim Ye Won is actually an 80s baby.

Kim Ye Won and Nam Ji Hyun

They’re both portrayed as the same class and same year graduates but in fact Kim Ye Won in real life is wayyy older than Nam Ji Hyun.

Despite their infamous hair pulling scene, Kim Ye Won is almost eight years older than her counterpart played by Nam Ji Hyun.

Lee Deok Hwa and Nam Gi Ae

The older couple in the drama who happen to be married but still struggling have the biggest age gap for this article.

Lee Deok Hwa is veteran actor and have been acting for well over 40 years since 1976.

Lee Deok Hwa was born in May 8, 1952

While Nam Gi Ae who is still relatively a new face to kdramas was born in September 13, 1961

This means that Lee Deok Hwa is well over nine years older than his on screen wife played by Nam Gi Ae.

Ji Chang Wook and Dong Ha

The enemies of this drama have a large age gap between each other.

Dong Ha is a 92 liner, he was born on January 14, 1992

This makes Ji Chang Wook Dong ha hyung, he is about 5 years older than Dong Ha.

I hope you enjoyed this article and that it surprised you.

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I hope you enjoyed this article, share this to your kdrama chingues and try to guess the true age of these actors.

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