Singer-Actor Rain Rumored To Have Cheated On Kim Tae Hee, Agency Firmly Denies + To Take Strict Legal Action

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Singer-Actor Rain has been rumored to have cheated on Kim Tae Hee, so whats going on?

Recently, one magazine spread the rumors that two talented top stars were having affairs with professional female golfers. Soon netizens began to speculate on who it could be and Jo Jung Suk and Rain’s names came up.

Jo Jung Suk’s agency has since firmly denied the rumors and promised strict legal action. Rain’s company has also released a similar statement vehemently denying the rumors.

RAINCOMPANY said, “it is groundless false information,” and while initially ,they didn’t think the ridiculous rumors deserved a response, they spread so fast and they felt the need to protect not only their artist, but also their family members who were being slandered online. They promised strict legal action without any leniency for those who spread such information.

They also asked for fans’ help to report such rumors if they see them online.

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Fans were utterly shocked by the news and are happy that the agency will take strict legal measures against everyone who contributed to the spread of the rumors.

Rain and Kim Tae Hee are known for being two of the biggest Korean celebrity couples in the industry and have shown their love for each other many times in the past through interviews, TV and more.

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