“Radio Romance” PD Under Fire After Photos Of Kim So Hyun Filming In Severe Cold Conditions Revealed

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The PD of the upcoming drama “Radio Romance” has been under fire after pictures of Kim So Hyun filming in a frozen lake took the internet by storm.

Fans were outrage that they filmed such a scene because of the severe cold conditions currently in South Korea.

The temperature in South Korea is dropping to a scary -10 C° (14 F). On the day the photo was taken (January 21st) the high/low was 39/21 degrees Fahrenheit (6/-4 Celsius).

PD Moon Jun Ha addressed the controversy and apologized during “Radio Romance” press conference, he said,

“Kim So Hyun finished filming back on January 21st and we were extremely worried while she was filming in the water because of the current winter conditions.

We had arranged for safety equipment and a camping car to help maintain Kim So Hyun’s body temperature.

Due to filming constraints an action double was used to film additional outdoor, the photo taken was of the stunt double and not of Kim So Hyun. We had only filmed one take and the safety on set is important to us.

We apologize for causing concerns on the matter!”

The upcoming drama “Radio Romance” is led by Highlight’s Yoon Doojoon, Kim So Hyun, Yoon Park, and Girl’s Day’s Yura. It will air its first episode on January 29.

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