Popular Veteran Actress Shim Eun Ha Personally Refutes Rumors Of Her Return With New Work And Signing With New Agency In An Interview

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Actress Shim Eun Ha has denied the rumors of her return with new work and joining a new agency and shared why it’s taking so long to make a return in a telephonic interview.

Rumors have repeatedly been raised that actress Shim Eun Ha will return to the entertainment industry after more than 20 years of retirement, but this has been confirmed not to be true. As these groundless rumors continued, Shim Eun Ha directly expressed her position on her return plan.

On February 1, Shim Eun Ha said in a telephone interview with Chosun.com,

I plan to return when I find good work. The report that I will return with a new drama after signing a contract with By4mStudio, a content production company, is groundless.”

Shim Eun Ha, who made her debut as an MBC open recruitment talent in 1993, shot to stardom as the main character Da Seul in the drama “Last Match.” Since then, she has been recognized for her acting skills in the drama “,” “Trap of Youth” and the movie “Christmas in August.” Then Shim Eun Ha, who stopped acting after the movie “Interview” in 2000, suddenly announced her retirement from the entertainment industry in 2001. She married former lawmaker Ji Sang Wook in 2004 and had two daughters. Since retirement, she has been focusing on her life as a wife and mother while raising two daughters.

Since it was the sudden retirement of the most popular actor of the time, Shim Eun Ha’s return has always been the biggest concern in the entertainment industry. Shim Eun Ha has been steadily receiving suggestions for her work, but Shim Eun Ha has not been able to make a decision to return.

In response, Shim Eun Ha revealed why it’s taking so long for her to return, saying,

The biggest reason why I can’t decide to return easily is fear. Since I haven’t acted for a long time, I have to act with the mind of learning again from the beginning. I’m worried about whether I can do well again.”

The person who encouraged Shim Eun Ha is Ahn Tae Ho, CEO of Clover Company.  Ahn is the CEO of the agency, which has long managed actor Han Seok Kyu, and has a deep relationship with Shim Eun Ha. CEO Ahn has not signed a formal management contract with Shim Eun Ha but has represented Shim Eun Ha’s position during her retirement.

Regarding this the actress said,

CEO Ahn always encouraged and prayed for me, who was afraid of every offer. Even when I had to refuse the work to raise my children, CEO Ahn expressed his intention to reject the work for me.”

Shim Eun Ha is the only one in the entertainment industry who is discussing her return with CEO Ahn,

I plan to return when I find good work. We haven’t decided on a specific time yet.”

Shim Eun Ha was rumored to return twice in March last year and recently again. Both times, Shim Eun Ha was preparing to return through the content production company By4m Studio. In response, Shim Eun Ha drew a line, saying, “I have never signed a contract with By4m Studio or contacted them. I am only discussing return-related matters with CEO Ahn.” In March last year, Shim Eun Ha said, “I’ve never even heard of the company’s name,” and said she would take legal action against false reports.

Shim Eun Ha said,

Since groundless stories that the parties do not know of have been published twice, I wanted to come forward and talk to them to personally address it. I want to tell you only good news as I have been away from the entertainment industry for a long time.”

CEO Ahn Tae Ho also said in a phone call with Chosun.com, “The signing of a contract with By4m Studio is absolutely not true. I or Shim Eun Ha has never even talked to By4m about returning.”

Shim Eun Ha also shared her hopes to return to acting, saying

There is a script that I have received for a long time and I am still reviewing it. I will let you know when I confirm my appearance in a good work.”

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