Police Reportedly Begin Investigating Yoo Ah In’s Agency And People Close To Him + To Be Summoned By Police Soon

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While Yoo Ah In has been set to be summoned by police for drug use, police begin investigations into Yoo Ah In’s agency and the people around him.

According to the exclusive coverage of Star News on March 15, it was alleged that the police have launched a reference investigation into United Artists Agency’s employees and people around Yoo Ah In starting this week.

Previously, police confirmed that Yoo Ah In tested positive for marijuana while being investigated for alleged habitual use of propofol. And On March 1, TV Chosun’s “News 9” reported that Yoo Ah In had tested positive for cocaine and ketamine. Therefore, it is necessary to investigate the testimony of people around him and the situation of drug use.

In this regard, the police sent investigators to his two homes, one in Hannam-dong, the actual residence of Yoo Ah In, from 10 a.m. on March 7 to secure related evidence. Afterward, the police began a search and seizure of the house in Itaewon-dong, the address of Yoo Ah In’s resident registration, at 3:30 p.m., and left the scene at around 4:40 p.m. about an hour later.

Meanwhile, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency said on March 13, “We will complete this week’s analysis of data confiscated from the residences and hospital (of Yoo Ah In) and investigate by requesting attendance.” Yoo Ah In is expected to appear at the police station as a suspect as early as next week.

The police will summon Yoo Ah In confidentially, and according to the situation that the police have investigated so far, they are not considering investigating accomplices such as applying for arrest warrants or supplying measures for him.

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