“Penthouse” Screenwriter Kim Soon Ok Admits Her Drama Lacks Plausibility And Discuss Why She Revives Characters

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“Penthouse” Screenwriter Kim Soon Ok has recently sat down for an interview and discussed her massively successful drama.

On June 8, “Penthouse” Screenwriter Kim Soon Ok sat down for an interview with a Korean news outlet and discussed the drama, she talked about many things including the theme for each season and she also touched on the lack of plausibility in her scripts.

“Penthouse” season 2 was on the edge of surpassing 30% in ratings which has become a nearly impossible feat to achieve in Korean dramas. There is a lot of hope and speculation on whether the third season will be able to crack that milestone. The first episode premiered to 19% in ratings, its up to a smooth start.

Kim Soon Ok talked about each season’s story, she said,

“season 1 centered on the story of ‘the Human’s endless desire,’ and season 2 was about ‘the punishment for sins,’ and the theme for season 3 will be ‘doom.’

When the man sins, their world collapses, but even with such terrible circumstances, new heavens and earth will open up, and new sprouts will be born from the cracks of the crumbling stones.”

Kim Soon Ok also extended her gratitude to PD Joo Dong Min who worked with her previously on “The Last Empress.” She talked about being thankful towards him since he made so many scenes come out a lot better.

Kim Soon Ok also admitted her script for the drama lacked plausibility, she said,

“I admit it. As the drama broke out and suddenly characters became involved in new events, the viewers must’ve been confused by the character’s feelings and how they were not properly pointed out, and how at times, dead people came back to life like a zombie.

I was told it was an Easter egg [laughs]. I also reflect while watching the drama, at times I feel ashamed and say, ‘You need to fix it! You must never save them!’ but despite my determination, I was unknowingly preparing for a new incident or surviving for the characters.

I’m just so thankful and feel ashamed for the viewers who are defending me.”

What do you think of the “Penthouse” scripts? Do you think they lack plausibility?

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My personal thoughts- written by Jass K.

Let me tell you something, it takes courage to admit to that. I’ve almost never seen a Korean screenwriter say such things about their scripts openly. It’s nice to know that she knows where her errors are.

I highly doubt people watch the drama for its plausibility, they watch it because its madness and fun. It is still very infuriating but also weirdly addictive.

Regardless of my thoughts on the script that I discuss often with each episode recap, I still think Kim Soon Ok is amazing. She has really pushed boundaries and experimented with her scripts, this alone deserves praise because it is not easy to do so and find success.

Many parts of the script writing for “Penthouse” I find make no sense, if we really want to dig in to that, we’ll be up all night. Regardless, I’d say she’s done mostly well considering the time constraint she had to work with. This could’ve easily turned out even worse.

I still stand by what I’d said previously, “Penthouse” should’ve ended with two seasons and even that was a stretch, but the ending for season two would’ve been the perfect ending had it not gone down the way you know it did.

I know its mainly about milking this IP to the utmost of their ability, but since it’s still entertaining, we can’t complain that much… yet… unless the ending sucks… then we riot.

By Hilda Moore

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