Hit Kdrama “Penthouse” Receives A Whopping 831 Complaints Throughout Its Run, Why?

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The hit SBS drama the “Penthouse” has wrapped up a couple of days, almost a year after it’s first season. While the drama began on a high, the 3rd season was its lowest-rated season and it was the most criticized season as well.

“Penthouse 3” ending was met with mixed responses and many netizens expressed their frustration and regret for having watched the series.

It’s been revealed that across its entire run, the drama has received a whopping 831 complaints.

But why?

There are a couple of reasons for the complaints, the first being the plot, many people believe the drama should’ve ended with either season 1 or 2, many have criticized the production for going ahead with another season. The criticism against the plot also has to do with how little attention was paid to the details of the drama, aside from its absurdity, netizens believe it has crossed the line in its 3rd season.

The second reason was the controversy it has found itself in after airing an episode that features actual footage of the Gwangju building collapse, the production has since apologized for using real-life footage of tragedies.

The 3rd reason was because of the excessive violence and provocative content that was visible from season 1 to 3.

Thus, the drama received 831 complaints from the Korea Communications Standard Commission (KCC).

What did you think of the drama? Do you think it deserved three seasons?

By Hilda Moore

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