Past High School Photos Of Rising Actress Han So Hee Shows Just How Beautiful She Is IRL

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Rising Actress Han So Hee is taking the internet by storm!

Han So Hee is currently part of the second highest rated JTBC drama of all time, “The World of the Married.” Her looks have attracted attention from netizens.

On April 12, a netizen uploaded photos of the actress in her high school days. Netizens couldn’t stop talking about her natural beauty in school uniform. Many talked about how her face is not the result of plastic surgery because its so difficult to replicate such a face, others said she should be thankful for her parents.

Han So Hee had previously opened up about being from the city of Ulsan, she described herself as ‘quiet and reserved.’ She went to the same school as actress Kim Tae Hee.

Check out the beautiful photos below:

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What do you think of her looks?

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