Park Yoochun’s Ex-manager Acquitted Of Embezzlement Charges Brought Up By The Singer

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Singer Park Yoochun sued ex-manager A for embezzlement but the police dismissed him as ‘Not guilty.’

According to YTN Star on December 6th, Gyeonggi Namyangju Nambu Police Station recently made a decision not to charge the ex-manager A of singer Park Yoochun of embezzlement in business.

Park Yoochun filed a complaint against Mr. A last June and claimed that he had committed embezzlement by running his agency, ‘Liciello’.

The police investigated for four months but issued a disposition of no charges against Mr. A.

Mr. A has been active as Park Yoochun’s exclusive manager since the active period of the three-member group JYJ. In 2019, Mr. A established Park Yoochun’s one-person agency, ‘Liciello’.

When Park Yoochun filed a charge of embezzlement against Mr. A, Mr. A said that he settled the proceeds normally and claimed that Park Yoochun violated the agreement with ‘Liciello’ by signing a double contract with a Japanese agency.

Last year, Mr. A filed a lawsuit against Park Yoochun for damages of about 600 million won and the lawsuit is currently in progress.


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