Park Yoo Chun Surprise Event For Fiancé Leaves Fans Jealous

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Park Yoo Chun is going all out to express his love for his fiancé and we are loving it.

His wife-to-be Hwang Ha Na posted a romantic surprise event her husband held for her to her Instagram account.

She captioned the video filled with candles and roses saying “Im happy everyday”, she made it clear to the public that it wasn’t a proposal.

Park Yoo Chun is finishing his military duties this August and is rumoured to tie the knot later this year. He developed feelings for Hwang Ha Na as she supported him during his difficult time amid his scandal last year.

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My Reaction

I am happy for Yoo Chun, he seems to have found the perfect match for him and I am happy his fiancé isn’t shy and isn’t holding back, and is sharing videos and photos of her lover.

Yoo Chun will be leaving the military in less than 2 months, I am actually wondering what will his next move be, but I highly doubt he’d be returning to tv or cinemas any time soon.

But I must say I am a little annoyed that Hana, his fiancé previously denied all relation to him when the news first came out, she bashed everybody claiming she was dating him or marrying him, but now she’s posting to her Instagram stuff he does for her.

Why the contrast? Is my question, I wish them happiness, but I just can’t understand why she’d deny it so strongly back when it was first announced.

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