Park Yoo Chun And His Fiancé Have Reportedly Broken Up, Agency Refuses To Respond

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Trouble in paradise?

Rumors indicating that Park Yoo Chun and Hwang Ha Na are calling it a quit is spreading like wild fire.

On July 21st, news outler joongAng Ilbo met with an alleged acquaintance of Hwang Ha Na, the source is claiming that the two have broken up and cites the malicious comments and criticism as the main reason.

According to the acquaintance Hwang Ha Na told them,

“There are too many unfounded rumors and its very hard to deal with those rumors. I try to ignore them, but I think I reached the limit.”

The acquaintance then added,

 “the two love each other, but since the relationship became a public issue, Hwang Ha Na has been struggling, she often said ‘I want to give up’ and even told Park Yoo chun she wanted to call it a quit.”

Amid all the rumors and reports, Park Yoo Chun’s agency C-Jes Ent. Is refusing to issue any statement for now.

The two have confirmed their relationship not too long ago, and it was announced through Park Yoo Chun’s agency C-Jes Ent.

Source: (A)

My Reaction

Guys! Korean netizens can be hella scary through social media, I have seen it happen multiple times, rumors in south korea can ruin someone’s career or life.

I get it, I get Hana! I understand! She loves him but if its too pressuring to continue I’d understand why she wants to call it a quit. Imagine having to deal with crazy fans of her upcoming husband.

Not to mention the backlash she receives and how much people will hurt her because she’s a normal person marrying an idol, people think they own the idol!!! I am speechless.

Dispatch won’t even leave them the fuck alone, a month ago they released stills of the two out on a date! I mean give the couple a break already! Seriously!!

I also understand why C-Jes is refusing to respond. Right now Hana called everything off because she’s angry and has reached her limit, couples break up and get back together all the time.

Take Taeyang and his actress girlfriend for example, the two broke up and Taeyang released the famous song “Eyes, nose, lips” dedicated to her, then they got back together after working out their issues. It happens even in the idol world.

Couples can choose to breakup in a fit of rage and that acquaintance might actually have coordinated this with Hana because she wants people to stop coming at her, it could be the reason, but again I am just sharing my own thoughts.

So unless this acquaintance knows for sure that the two aren’t getting back together, he should’ve kept it to himself.

I just wish the two the best, if they chose to continue together or to split!

what do you guys think of this?

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