Park Min Young Reportedly Investigated By The Prosecution In Relation To Ex-boyfriend’s Suspected Financial Fraud, Agency Issues Initial Statement

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While actress Park Min Young was reported to have been investigated by the prosecution, the agency has issued an initial statement.

On February 14th, Hook Entertainment told MBN Star, “We are confirming that Park Min Young has been investigated by the prosecution.”

Previously, SBS reported that the prosecution called and investigated Park Min Young on February 13th.

According to the report, the prosecution investigated whether Park Min Young’s ex-boyfriend, Mr. Kang, was involved in the process of making unfair profits through manipulation of the related company’s stock price and embezzlement as the actual owner of Bithumb affiliates.

In addition, the prosecution is reported to have captured that Park Min Young’s name was used in the borrowed-name transaction of convertible bonds issued by Bithumb affiliates and that hundreds of millions of won in profits occurred.

In this regard, Park Min Young appeared before the prosecution and reportedly claimed that she had nothing to do with him.

In response, the prosecution is said to be reviewing whether to ban her from leaving the country and whether to summon her for further investigation.


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