BREAKING: Dispatch Reports Park Min Young Is Reportedly Dating Wealthy Crypto Businessman Kang, Agency Issues Brief Initial Response

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Dispatch has released a new dating report that alleges famous actress Park Min Young is dating a very wealthy businessman named “Kang,” a businessman who they had been investigating for the way he obtained his wealth.

On September 28, Dispatch published an article sharing photos of Park Min Young allegedly out on dates with the businessman. She was seen getting into his car on one occasion, and sharing a hug with his mother on another one.

According to Dispatch, Kang is the largest shareholder of Bithumb Holdings, and Kang is also tightly connected to Chorokbaem Media, which had acquired Park Min Young’s agency Hook Entertainment. It doesn’t end here as Dispatch reveal they have been digging into Kang’s past and brought up allegations involving fraud in 2013-2014, they also allege he might have involvement with gangsters and raised suspicion about his cash flow. Bithumb is one of South Korea’s biggest crypto exchanges.

In response to the reports, Park Min Young’s agency released an initial short statement to explain they’re unable to directly respond right now since Park Min Young is currently filming for her drama “Love In Contract.” Its taking them longer to confirm the situation as a result.

As of this writing, no further response has been released yet.

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