BREAKING: Park Min Young Announces Breakup From Wealthy Businessman Kang + Agency Clarifies Other Rumors

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Famous actress Park Min Young has confirmed that she indeed dated the wealthy businessman Kang but that she has broken up with him.

Yesterday, Dispatch released a new dating report that alleges famous actress Park Min Young is dating a very wealthy businessman named “Kang,” a businessman who they had been investigating for the way he obtained his wealth.

The dating report was unlike any other report about dating news Dispatch has released. This report went into detail about Kang’s business practices.

According to Dispatch, Kang is the largest shareholder of Bithumb Holdings, and Kang is also tightly connected to Chorokbaem Media, which had acquired Park Min Young’s agency Hook Entertainment. It doesn’t end here as Dispatch reveal they have been digging into Kang’s past and brought up allegations involving fraud in 2013-2014, they also allege he might have involvement with gangsters and raised suspicion about his cash flow. Bithumb is one of South Korea’s biggest crypto exchanges.

On September 29, the actress’s agency finally broke their silence and addressed the rumors. The agency wrote, “Park Min Young has broken up with the individual mentioned in the dating rumors.” Thus, the agency confirms that the two indeed dated by have broken up.

The agency also goes on to adress some rumors regarding Park Min Young and her sister in connection to Kang. They said its not true that Park Min Young received significant monetary benefits.

SBS has released a shocking report earlier today that claims Park Min Young’s sister is listed on the board of directors of INBIOGEN, a company that was purchased by Kang Jong Hyun’s alleged paper company. According to SBS, the actress’s sister was added on April 4, 2022.

In response to this report, the actress’s agency says her sister has submitted her intent to resign from her position at INBIOGEN.

The agency also said Park Min Young will be more cautious in the future about her actions as well as her family members.

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